Flexwerken via Exact

If you work on the basis of an agency work employment or secondment contract with one of our clients, Exact is your formal employer. We call this flex working because there is no permanent employment. Exact recruitment agency is committed to being a good employer and we take our responsibilities very seriously. All administration and the salary payment will be taken care of thoroughly and in accordance with regulations.

In addition, an entire team will be available to support you in your career. We maintain regular contact with you and want to really know you. You can contact us with all your questions. We do our work with our Mind and Heart, and it shows.

You can count on

  • Fast, correct payment
  • Easy online registration of worked hours (with an app)
  • The same remuneration as permanent employees
  • Various discount schemes
  • Pension accrual after 26 weeks
  • Training opportunities
  • Fixed contact person
  • Personal contact
  • Expert career advice

If you work on the basis of an agency work employment or secondment contract, this always entails a number of specific elements and agreements. These are set down in the Collective Labour Agreement for temporary agency workers. This CLA has a phase system with 3 phases: A, B and C. Depending on which phase you are in, you will increasingly build up rights and securities.

You usually start working in phase A. This phase lasts 78 worked weeks. All weeks in which you have worked are counted, regardless of how many hours you have worked. In phase A, you can get an unlimited number of temporary employment contracts from different clients and for different periods. Both you and the client have a lot of flexibility in this phase. This is arranged through the agency clause. You can indicate that you want to stop working at any time and only have to report this one day in advance. The client can also end the assignment. Notice periods apply, which increase with your time in employment. In phase A, you can also work under a temporary employment contract without this agency clause. In that case, you agree to work together for a certain period of time, without the option of the assignment being terminated. This is a Secondment contract.

After 78 weeks worked, you automatically enter phase B. In this phase, which lasts a maximum of four years, you are entitled to fixed-term contracts, or secondment contracts. The end date of the contracts is therefore fixed. This can be a maximum of 6 different contracts. When the client terminates the assignment, your agreement with us is not terminated. This means that we will look for another suitable job for you and that you will be (partially) paid in the meantime.

When the four years of phase B have expired or a seventh contract has been concluded, you will start phase C. An open-ended labour contract with Exact. In this case, the duration of the assignment or end date are not known. Exact must ensure that work is always available to you with its clients.

If you work on the basis of an agency work employment or secondment contract, this always entails a number of specific elements and agreements:

In the case of full-time employment (40 hours per week), you accrue 25 holidays per year. As a flex worker, you save for these holidays and separately also for short absence. Every hour you work, a certain percentage of the gross hourly wages is reserved. This allows you to build up credits and you will then continue to be paid when you take holidays or, for example, need to see a doctor during working hours.

  • { I wasn’t even looking, but Exact found the job that suited me even better. }

    Daniƫlle Viveen

In accordance with the Collective labour Agreement, Exact has arranged a pension scheme for its flex workers. After 26 weeks, you will start building up pension. The pension scheme is managed by StiPP. You can find more information about this scheme on stippensioen.nl.

Whether you will be reimbursed for your travel expenses depends on the regulations of the client where you work. After all, you are rewarded equally as permanent employees (= user company remuneration). A flex worker who is reimbursed for travel expenses can claim these expenses up to a maximum of 3 months after the travel date. So, make sure you send your proof of travel (tickets) or your travel card summary to us in time.

Pay dates 4-weekly

  • week 49-52: Thursday 02-01-2020
  • week 1-4: Tuesday 28-01-2020
  • week 5-8: Tuesday 25-02-2020
  • week 9-12: Tuesday 24-03-2020
  • week 13-16: Tuesday 21-04-2020
  • week 17-20: Tuesday 19-05-2020
  • week 21-24: Tuesday 16-06-2020
  • week 25-28: Tuesday 14-07-2020
  • week 29-32: Tuesday 11-08-2020
  • week 33-36: Tuesday 08-09-2020
  • week 37-40: Tuesday 06-10-2020
  • week 41-44: Tuesday 03-11-2020
  • week 45-48: Tuesday 01-12-2019
  • week 49-52: Tuesday 29-12-2020
  • week 53: Tuesday 05-01-2021


Declaration of your hours preferably on Friday or no later than Monday. If you deliver your hours weekly, they will be paid every Tuesday.

As a temporary worker, you are insured under the Sickness Benefits Act. Depending on the phase, you are entitled to sickness benefits or to continued payment of your wages in the event of illness.

Do you have a temporary agency work employment contract (not a fixed term)?
The employment contract will end immediately if you fall ill. Therefore Exact is not required to continue paying your wages. However, after 2 waiting days, you will be entitled to sickness benefit of 70%. This is supplemented by Exact to 90% in the first year of illness and 80% in the second year of illness and paid out by FlexCom4.

Do you have a secondment contract (for a fixed term)?
Exact will continue to pay 90% of your salary as long as your temporary contract is still running. There is one waiting day, so you will continue to be paid from the second day of illness. These payments are made by Exact. If you are still ill when your contract expires, you will be entitled to sickness benefit.

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