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Exact personeelsintermediair has been providing organisations with effective recruitment solutions and optimal contract forms for over 50 years. We use an effective recruitment structure and the flexibility of the Collective Labour Agreement for flex workers. Take advantage of our strong combination of professional knowledge, professionalism and drive. Together we will outline the ideal outcome for your organisation and advise you on which service would best suit this:

If you prefer to offer your employees a contract straight away, but you want to outsource the recruitment process, our Recruitment Consultants are ready to get to work for you. With your input and our experience and market insights, we will set up an ultimate and realistic job profile. We will make an inventory of the total candidate market and bring the vacancy to the attention of the right target group. We use every possible means to approach the best candidates and introduce them to you. Once you have become acquainted with the perfect candidate, you can shape your employee/employer relationship entirely according to your own wishes from the start.

  • You will receive up-to-date information about the target group and advice to arrive at the most attractive starting point for recruitment.
  • You will use our enormous recruiting power and our many communication channels to reach more and unexpected candidates.
  • You save time because you only spend your time on those candidates who genuinely fit the profile.
  • You can immediately shape the relationship you have with the employee. Exact will step into the background once the recruitment and selection process has been completed.
  • One-off costs, in the form of a fee based on a full-time salary. So you know exactly what a hire will cost you.

Looking for a combination of flexibility for you and security for the candidate? We recommend Secondment. Not only do we recruit the best employee, but we also take care of the employership by means of a secondment agreement within the phase system for flex workers. We agree on a fixed number of contract hours per week and the duration of the assignment. As a result, after the secondment period, there are still opportunities to enter into temporary employment with the employee if you wish. When you choose a secondment agreement, the candidate will know exactly where they stand. And so do you.

  • This form of contract is ideal if you want to enter into an employment contract with the employee after the flex period. We use as few contracts as possible to keep successive employment attractive.
  • There are various options with regard to interim cancellation of the assignment, both for you and for the employee.
  • Secondment within the phase system can take up to 5.5 years. It therefore offers more and longer flexibility than the regular system for employers of max. 3 contracts in 3 years.

If you are looking for temporary flexibility, we recommend temporary staffing. You can, in any case, vary the number of hours per week and the duration of the assignment does not have to be fixed in advance. Temporary agency work employment is therefore ideal for compensating sick employees, temporary high workload or facilitating student work.

  • Temporary staffing guarantees optimal flexibility, so you can easily and quickly scale up and down in your workforce.
  • No risks. You only pay for the hours actually worked. Sickness and leave hours will not be charged.
  • Temporary agency work employment can last up to 78 weeks during which you can vary the number of hours per week during the first year. This is ideal to act in case of peak moments. Only after a year you are obliged to agree on a fixed number of hours per week.

Permanent employment is an option, but it is not an end in itself. You can also outsource employership and the associated risks for a longer period of time. With our flex services Secondment and Temporary Staffing, the hourly rate decreases after 1500 hours. After that, you will no longer pay for recruitment. We call this our long-term rate.

Whatever the solution, with Exact as your recruitment partner, you can count on:

  • Enthusiasm and professionalism: We are committed with our mind and heart and with boundless energy to support your organisational goals.
  • Reliability and integrity: Exact has been operating in the flex industry for more than 50 years. We are a member of the ABU, we have an escrow account and we are SNA certified.
  • Lots of recruitment power and careful selection: You benefit from our extensive candidate network and we deploy all possible recruitment channels for you.
  • Clear agreements: We keep our promises and are transparent about the associated investments.
  • Personal attention: For you and your (flex) employees. We actively search for the best solution for you and combine this with user-friendly tools and apps.
  • Excellent employership: With good terms of employment, but above all with care and attention to the well-being of employees.
  • Up-to-date knowledge: You and your employees can contact us with all HR questions.
  • Customised solutions: Everything is possible at Exact, and we like to exceed your expectations.

In the absence of head counts, the lack of HR capacity or the desire to minimise employer risks, Exact can take care of employership. Exact will handle the formal employment of the employees who work for you and take on the entire administrative process. Depending on our role in the process, there are 2 variants:

  1. If you arrange the recruitment yourself, we offer our employership in the “chain” in accordance with art. 7: 668a of the Netherlands Civil Code (max. 3 contracts in max. 3 years before the candidate is offered permanent employment). This is our Payrolling Service.
  2. If Exact has a role in recruitment & selection, for example by referring all applicants to Exact, we can use the ABC phase system for agencies with 5.5 years of flexibility. We call this Flex Employership.

In both situations, excellent employment practices with great care for the employee are guaranteed.

Personal awareness and responsibility form the basis for high-performing employees. Exact’s trainers and coaches are specialised in raising awareness and developing employees. Both at management and operational level and both in group and individually. They improve cooperation, atmosphere and/or behaviour through in-company or one-on-one coaching. We formulate an appropriate coaching offer for every issue, from reorganisation to a department that does not work well together and from an inexperienced manager to an impending burnout. Of course, you get the trainer that best suits your organisation and demand in terms of personality and approach.

Are HR projects sometimes left on a to-do list for too long or do you have doubts about tackling a personnel-related issue? The HR specialists at Exact are more than happy to take care of it for you. From our network, we will select the specialist that best suits your issue. This will always be a very experienced HR professional with a guaranteed goal-oriented and practical approach. Together we will make a thorough inventory of the issue and the expected solution, after which you will receive our advice, a concrete action plan and a tailor-made offer. We do not do standard solutions. Our careful process always leads to a focused and specific approach.

Would you like to know which flex solution suits your organisation best?