Exactpi as your employer

You can count on:

  • personal contact
  • fast, correct payment
  • easy to declare hours with an app
  • the same pay as regular employees
  • pension accrual
  • development and training opportunities
  • fixed contacts
  • expert advice

Flex Working

When you work on the basis of a secondment or temporary employment contract with one of our clients, Exactpi is your formal employer. We call this flex working because there is no permanent employment. As your recruitment agency, Exactpi does everything it can to be a good employer. We take our responsibilities very seriously. You can count on all administrative work and salary payments to be taken care of and in accordance with all regulations.

In addition, an entire team will be available to support you in your career. We maintain regular contact with you and really want to get to know you. You can contact us with all your questions. For you to be able to continue to develop is important to us. We do our work with our Heads and Hearts and it shows.

More information on

Terms of Employment

Education, leave and pension? Check out the terms and conditions of employment that apply when you start working as a flex worker.

Collective Labour Agreement (CLA)

With a secondment or agency work employment contract you are protected by our Collective Labour Agreement (CLA).

Phase System

The longer you work, the more rights you accrue. The Phase System explains how that works.


Do you want to understand what all those terms on your payslip mean? We will explain the most common terms.

MijnExactpi & Payment Dates

Everything about our system to declare your hours worked.

Calling in sick & Notification of recovery

What should you do if you are ill? And how do you notify your recovery? That, and the entire procedure.

Do you have another question?

Please contact us with all your work and career-related questions. Your permanent Recruitment Consultant or our Service Centre employees will be happy to help you. So feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Naomi Wills

HR Employee Back Office The Hague