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Technical Regulations Specialist | Regulatory Affairs Officer

De functie

This organization is keen on its quality and the innovating possibilities within electrical techniques. To realise innovations, this organization needs to be on top of the regulations, and that is why they need you. Because you, as an expert when it comes to cars, engines and the electronic possibilities, will be the one who informs the company of the technical updates and regulations.

To extend your expertise you'll be researching on the internet, attending motor shows, reading articles, and you are the first to know about new developments in the technique. You'll follow-up the upcoming regulations through professional organisations, such as Clepa, where you'll explain the organisation's point of view during meetings. The result of these meetings is a clearly written report on the changing regulations and the new technical trends. By researching and reporting the technical regulations you'll find it very interesting to assist vehicle test projects, where your reports become a visible result. These results are something you proudly state within the organisation and the management of the technical center.

De organisatie

This organization has establishments all over the world and is a well-known international brand. The location where you will be working is near Schiphol with approximately 70 employees. Their automotive technologies are at the core of many next-generation clean-energy vehicles made by world's major automotive manufacturers. As a global, leading green company, this organization is concerned with developing technologies that contribute to society and daily life around the world.

Jouw profiel

It is important that you have a technical background, preferably related to Automotive. If you understand the difficulties of technical engineers you will be able to communicate about the regulations clearly. You will have to take an interest in political and environmental changes to comprehend the regulations. You're a structured gatherer of information and data analysis, on which you are able to summarize an organized report.

Aside from that you have the following competencies:

  • 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience.
  • HTS or Technical studies.
  • Independent and strong personality with listening ear and helping mind suiting good in an international environment.
  • Pragmatic decision maker based on facts.
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to explain technical matters in a clear and understandable way in front of an audience.
  • Great networking skills.

Het aanbod

This position offers a fulltime opportunity to work on an European level with one of the world’s leading electronic manufacturers. International travels as part of your job. Independency to plan your research. Our client offers an attractive salary package, monthly between €3000,- and €3500,- gross depending on experience.

Meer informatie

Neem voor meer informatie contact op met:
Exact personeelsintermediair regio Amsterdam Arno van den Berg Recruitment Consultant 06-23465547

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