Rebecca (original from the UK) works as an internal account manager. She found her new job with the help of Exact.

I was looking for progress in my career.

”I was looking for progress in my career. I came across interesting vacancies on the website of Exact. We had contact very quickly and from that moment on it went fast. The recruiter was very friendly and gave me a lot of advice. At that time, I was looking for more responsibilities in my job. Something in which I could do more. Something more involved. It was only my second job in the Netherlands, and I had a lot of contact with different recruiters and I had several interviews. ExactPI was the friendliest and matched with my work ethic. For me it felt like they had the vacancies at the companies that were best suited to me.”

What if I wanted to switch now? I would call them again.

”They listened very carefully and paid attention to what was on my resume. They looked at the skills I possess instead of treating me like a number. The process went smoothly. There was a very good follow-up and I didn’t have to chase anybody. Straight forward and always timely. I also looked at job openings at direct employers. But I chose ExactPI. I knew that if it didn’t work, they would help me with another job.”

”What if I wanted to switch now? I’ll call them again. They would be my first choice. It’s nice for an Expat to know you have a backup. It’s like networking without effort. ExactPI has a network and an overview and can help you make your choice. They act as a cultural translator. And now I have a permanent contract during corona time! How cool is that? I was really happy about this. Nobody’s job is safe right now and I didn’t take it for granted.”

How good is Exact, that they made that exact match for me?

”I work for a young and dynamic organization that wants to be the best in their industry. As an organization they work hard to provide the services and they want people who put their skills to work to make that happen. The organization where I ended up via Exact are very friendly and give me the opportunity to grow. They give back what I give, and I give back what they give. That is the mentality I was looking for. I now work as an account manager internal sale for the French-speaking market.”

Do I have advice for other expats?

”Be honest and straightforward. The Netherlands is pragmatic. Don’t make things prettier than they are, don’t make things fancy. The Dutch take you for how you are. They just want to know if you can do the job. Don’t be afraid to be honest. If you don’t have the experience that is asked for, indicate what you do have. Don’t make things up, it doesn’t work here. People take you for who you are. Oh yes: I also advise you to take a Dutch number, because Dutch people don’t like calling a foreign number!”

Testimonial kandidaat Rebecca

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