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Are you looking for a job or colleague that actually adds value to the organization? Do you want to be unburdened and brought to new ideas? Do you want to work at Exactpi? Do you have a question or suggestion for us? Then we would love to hear from you.

Please fill in the contact form or call one of our offices. You can find us in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam.

Sandra Kroes

Communication Manager Den Haag

Tatiana van der Geest

Manager Financial Administration Den Haag

Winodj Jhingoer

Business Manager Den Haag

Marjolein Stok

Operational Director Den Haag

Jill Modes

General Manager Den Haag

Peggy Kooper

e-Recruitment Specialist Den Haag

Karin Boot

Recruitment Consultant Amsterdam

Indy Abdulle

Sourcer Rotterdam

Raisa Muller-van Nieuwenhuize

Senior Recruitment Consultant Amsterdam

Esmay Klapwijk

Recruitment Consultant Rotterdam

Yasmin Aouragh

Recruitment Consultant Den Haag

Anjali Mohan

Recruitment Consultant Den Haag

Kasia Lamens

Recruitment Consultant Rotterdam

Marina Dekker

Recruitment Manager Rotterdam

Roald van den Dam

Commercial Manager Amsterdam

Naomi Wills

HR Employee Back Office The Hague

Shir Leenstra

Recruitment Consultant Den Haag

Esma Abdelatif

Recruitment Consultant Amsterdam

The Hague

Koninginnegracht 8
Second floor
2514 AA Den Haag
T: 070 – 362 47 36



HNK Scheepvaartkwartier
Vasteland 78
3011 BN Rotterdam
T: 010 – 414 13 11



B. Amsterdam B.3
Johan Huizingalaan 400
1066 JS Amsterdam
T: 020 – 715 65 51


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    Exactpi always strives to provide a professional and correct service, also through the quality standards we set for ourselves and our anti-discrimination policy. Do you have a problem or complaint? Please report it to your contact person at Exactpi so we can work together to find an appropriate solution. Can’t you work it out or is it not desirable to discuss your complaint with your contact person? Please contact our operations director Marjolein Stok at, she will be happy to help you. In our complaints procedure you can read how we deal with your complaint.