TMA: Talent Motivation Analysis
Discover and Engage Unique Talents

Finding the right candidate isn’t just about matching skills and experience; it’s about truly understanding the personality and motivation of applicants. The same applies to engaging and optimizing the performance of your employees.

With the versatile TMA assessment (Talent Motivation Analysis), we enrich selection processes and development programs for incoming, current, and outgoing employees. TMA is a potent assessment based on extensive scientific research that provides insights into:

  • 22 motivators
  • 44 talents
  • 53 competencies

Explore the benefits of TMA for your organization

Enhances your recruitment process.

Make informed choices based on profound insights into candidates’ personalities, motivations, and capabilities. The competency match indicates how well an applicant aligns with the desired profile. Conversations become more meaningful, significantly reducing the chances of mismatches.

Saves costs.

By reducing mismatches and early departures and better tapping into employees’ developmental potential, you’ll save substantial costs in the short and long term.

Facilitates personal growth.

Identify and nurture employees’ strengths and skills. TMA not only helps them achieve their professional goals but also contributes to the growth and success of your organization.

Fosters employee satisfaction.

TMA provides structured competence and talent management. This offers applicants and employees a comprehensive view of themselves, aiding in selecting a work environment and role where they’ll be productive, challenged, motivated, and ultimately happy. TMA ensures more fulfillment and enjoyment in their work.

In this competitive job market, candidates might not always come with a proven track record in the role. TMA allows for making informed assessments regarding the likelihood of success.

How TMA works

TMA offers insights into personality traits, motivations, talents, and developmental potential. Our reports are objective, clear, and constructive. We discuss the results one-on-one, ensuring all nuances are understood. The gained insights form a solid foundation for further employee development. The TMA process involves:

1. Completing the questionnaire
The TMA process begins with filling out an extensive questionnaire comprising 312 statements and behavioral items. It covers various aspects of one’s work behavior, preferences, values, and interests.

2. Data analysis
TMA utilizes advanced algorithms to identify patterns and correlations in the individual’s responses. This leads to a detailed profile of their personality, motivation, and talents.

3. Personal report
A personalized report is then generated, encompassing a comprehensive overview of insights into:

  • Motivations, competencies, and (hidden) talents
  • Behavioral preferences, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Ideal work environment and management style preferences
  • Communication, learning, and development styles
  • Challenges and potential developmental directions

4. Feedback session
Our TMA professional engages in a discussion with the evaluated individual. During this session, the findings from the report are explained, and together, they explore how these insights can accelerate personal and professional development.

5. Application
The candidate gains access to their personalized TMA dashboard, an online environment providing tailored content like articles and exercises for their development. Insights from the TMA report serve as a clear guideline for HR and/or management in incoming, current, and outgoing processes, both at individual and team levels.

You can effectively utilize TMA to create individual development plans that align with the needs and goals of employees. Alternatively, analyze TMA reports of the most successful employees to use as a blueprint for hiring new staff. I'd love to share more about its numerous applications.

Application of TMA

Competency management clarifies expectations and determines the behavior necessary for successful performance, while talent management allows individuals to work based on their preferred behavior and talents. With TMA, we integrate talent and competency management for sustainable, structured, and professional growth.

In recruitment and selection, it can aid in comparing candidates among themselves and with the requirements of a role. In developmental processes, the report can guide individual development plans, assessments for advancement, and optimizing team and organizational performance.

With TMA, you’ll know which talents and competencies drive your (future) employees towards peak performance. TMA provides tools for individual growth, self-awareness, and optimal development.

Interested in
the opportunities with TMA?

Let us assist in creating a work environment where employees feel seen, heard, valued, and engaged. Ready to experience the unique power of TMA? Contact Marina Dekker, certified TMA professional at Exactpi Recruitment, today for an introduction and discover how Exactpi Recruitment can make a difference for your organization!

Marina Dekker

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