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Of course we would like to tell you how we make a difference in your career. But we’d much rather let the satisfied candidates talk about how we matched them with a suitable job and employer. So let these experts convince you and contact us today.

Ritsa Paraskevopoulou

International Recruitment Consultant Rotterdam

Yasmin Aouragh

Recruitment Consultant Den Haag

Anna Nasonova

International Recruitment Consultant Amsterdam

Effy Malfa

International Recruitment Consultant The Hague

Canon Medical Systems Europe

I find Exactpi an excellent company with which to establish a working relationship. From the very first count all the staff proved to be helpful, practical, precise and quick in communications and updates through different channels as: email, phone calls, video calls. All this was seasoned with a lot of empathy and sympathy, which immediately put me at ease. The staff is always ready to provide the needed support.

Amber Meijer
BMW Nederland

Amber Meijer- BMW Nederland
The application process through recruitment consultant Kasia Lamens was pleasant and I was told fairly quickly that I could start work. During my time working through from Exactpi Recruitment, contact with my relationship manager Yasmin Asrafali was always smooth and pleasant.

Beau Zomers
BMW Nederland

Beau Zomers - BMW Nederland
I recommend everyone to work through from Exactpi Recruitment where personal contact is paramount.

Jenniree Bulo

I have worked with several agencies, but Exactpi is the best one so far! My contact person, Yasmin was always there for me if I had any questions. Never had any complaints about the payment of my salary, always paid on time. I highly recommend this agency.

PF Concept International Coöperatief U.A.

Working with Exactpi turned out to be much more than I expected. The recruiters from Exactpi were very nice and supportive from the very first minute. On the day of my interview International Recruiter Anna, encouraged me to ask any questions that might come up and prepare them in advance for a first interview. And to remember that it's me who chooses the company, not only the other way around. Which really made me feel more confident and helped me to nail my interview with my future employer.

PF Concept

I work at PF Concept via Exactpi as a Customer Service (import) employee for the Italian market. The welcoming by PF Concept was very warm and I felt immediately home. My colleagues are very helpful and kind and I feel everyday comfortable coming to work and be with them. Coming from different nationalities this makes it even more special and we get to create a very close bonding and understanding.
Alessia - PF Concept


Working with Exactpi was a very pleasant surprise to me. My first interview with Exactpi went well. International Recruiter Ritsa was very friendly and helpful. We discussed my expectations, work experience, skills, and ambitions thoroughly. She immediately found me a few potential positions and provided me with all the important information. I felt supported throughout the whole process. Support from Exactpi has not stopped since then.

Sebastiaan Bosman
BMW Nederland

Sebastiaan Bosman - BMW Nederland
I work as a Marketing Lead Specialist at BMW Group. A good match because this job is right up my alley because of the fusion of my marketing expertise and love for automotive.


Adriana via Exactpi werkzaam bij Trevipay
Since I am working remotely from Poland and having colleagues from the Netherlands, I have visited the office in Rijswijk to meet my direct colleagues and get my full training. I have never experienced such a welcoming before or training especially travelling abroad for work. This was already an amazing experience and a little bit scary as it was out of my comfort zone. I have received such a warm welcoming and all colleagues were super nice and kind. There was a dedicated colleague assigned to me who trained me and took me all the way through the processes. I must say that I was overwelmed by the company's professionalism. I am looking so forward to working and growing with them.

Asmaa Benhomaid

From day 1, I really liked Exactpi Recruitment's approach and communication. Especially, because for me it had been a long time since I had applied for a job. After I was matched with Alphabet, I was well supported. From the job interview to my first day at Alphabet, I was pleasantly supported. I also liked the interest in me and my well-being at work.

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