Working at Exactpi

The labour market is constantly changing, now perhaps more than ever. Economic growth, ageing population and Covid are turning both the supply and demand sides upside down. This requires a lot of adaptability and perseverance from those who currently work in job placement. All these developments also mean new challenges for us, but fortunately also opportunities to draw attention to our added value. Especially now.

Working at Exactpi

Is this you?

As a Business Manager (Junior / Senior) at Exactpi, you make connections, open doors, build relationships with various contacts and ultimately close the deal. You know how to draw attention to Exactpi again and again and to convert current HR issues into attractive recruitment assignments.

Our Recruitment Consultants do everything for the perfect match. The latest techniques and best recruitment channels are at your disposal. But in the end, it is mainly your personality that makes the difference. Do you understand what a company needs? Is the career path of professionals in safe hands with you? Then you will fit right into our team.

Do you speak English?

Because more and more of our clients and vacancies require English we are looking for a colleague who is fluent in that language.

Do you speak Dutch?

However, handling yourself in Dutch is a big plus because the working language within Exactpi is Dutch.For all current Dutch internal vacancies we refer to the Dutch working at Exactpi page.

Love for your profession

To be successful at Exactpi, you need to bring something to the table. Our clients and candidates expect a personal approach, sound advice and, above all, the best match. Rightly so in our opinion, that’s why we work with colleagues who master the profession and know what they are talking about. Or we make sure you reach that level in the foreseeable future.

In addition to professional knowledge and experience, your attitude is also crucial. Do you know yourself? What do you bring to those around you? Why does this work suit you? What triggers you and when do you pull out? We are looking for new colleagues who love themselves and their profession. Enterprising, eager to learn, enthusiastic and involved.

Inspiring workplace

So we do ask a lot from our employees. That makes the work fun and interesting, but it also brings responsibility. We do realise that. That is why we simultaneously provide a pleasant, stimulating working environment. An inspiring workplace, the best systems, on-the-job training, development opportunities, customised support, bonuses, hybrid work, telephone, company car for business managers… It’s all there. Also for you, if you embark on an adventure with us.

Working at Exactpi is also:

Happy people

Exactpi has been operating as an independent and relevant player in a dynamic market for more than 50 years. We provide plenty of space to bring not just your head, but also your heart to work. In recent years we have invested heavily in further process and marketing automation. And we have started to work more and more self-directed in a self-evident and organic way. Our employees not only have more responsibility, but also more control. All this results in a thriving and ambitious recruitment agency with many happy clients, professionals and employees.

I choose to work at Exactpi because I can be myself here and I feel accepted the way I am, including my Polish accent. This means I get the opportunity to grow and enjoy my work.

Kasia Lamens

What I like is that you really matter at Exactpi. We really do it together and you get all the trust from day one. We believe in ownership and that means you get responsibility and freedom so you can do things your own way.

Marina Dekker

Bij Exactpi is er veel ruimte voor eigen ideeën en initiatieven. Je deelt je werk in op je eigen manier, dit geeft veel zelfstandigheid, maar zorgt ook voor veel flexibiliteit en een goede werk en privé balans.

Marina Dekker

What's great about the profession and working at Exactpi? I am a people person and I enjoy getting to know people. I find it very interesting to find out if someone fits a vacancy and even more if a placement succeeds. We all go for it! Everyone here gives you confidence in your actions.

Karin Boot

I choose to work at Exactpi because I can be myself here and I feel accepted the way I am, including my Polish accent. This means I get the opportunity to grow and enjoy my work.

Kasia Lamens

Open invitation

Thank you for visiting this page. At the very least, that means we’ve triggered something in you. If you are ready for the next step in your career and you are interested in working at Exactpi, please do not hesitate to contact us. Apply for a vacancy or send an email to Marjolein Stok, Director of Operations, and let us know how your experience, personality and your outlook on work and life align with ours. We look forward to getting to know you!