Vacancies in South Holland

Below is an overview of all current job openings at Exactpi in the province of South Holland.

Jobs in South Holland

We have various vacancies available at MBO, HBO and WO level in the province of South Holland. Below you will find vacancies within Business Support, Management Support, Financial, Marketing, Transport and Logistics and Supply Chain.

The vacancies offered in South Holland are both full-time and part-time vacancies. You can opt for temporary positions or permanent employment. The choice is yours, of course.

Vacatures Zuid-Holland

Vacancies in The Hague, Leiden and Rotterdam area

The most well-known cities in South Holland with many employment opportunities are The Hague, Leiden and Rotterdam. Each of these cities has its own characteristics and peculiarities. Rotterdam is known as the city with one of the largest ports in the world and The Hague is where the Upper and Lower Houses are located and is also known as the city of Peace and Justice.

Working in South Holland

Many companies in South Holland are still looking for full time candidates. However, this is no longer standard nowadays and we even see that the demand for part-timers is increasing. The choice of whether you want to work full time or part time is of course up to you. We have enough vacancies in South Holland that are offered both full time and part time. In addition, we also have some vacancies where you can opt for temporary positions or permanent employment.

No vacancy found?

Is your job not listed here? Do you have an MBO, HBO or WO diploma, are you motivated and enthusiastic? Then we would like to meet you! Please send us an open application.