We make use of trainers, coaches and HR consultants both internally and externally. They are used to further develop our own employees, but mainly to carry out trainings and/or HR consultancy assignments at our clients. We know from our own experience what great results they can achieve.

We would therefore like to confidently introduce our Exactpi network of HR professionals and trainers to you. Do you want to know which professional best suits your company and requirements? Please contact Manager people & development Marina Dekker. She will be happy to find the perfect match for your company.

Menno Jansen

Business Manager Rotterdam

Kasia Lamens

Senior Recruitment Consultant Rotterdam

Effy Malfa

International Recruitment Consultant The Hague

Madhavi Koeldiep

Talent Sourcer The Hague

Daniella Frost

Recruitment Consultant a.i. Amsterdam

Shirley Setrodimedjo

Senior Consultant Rotterdam

Peggy Kooper

e-Recruitment Specialist Den Haag

Marina Dekker

Manager People & Development Rotterdam

Patricia Schlärmann

Senior Consultant Den Haag

Yasmin Aouragh

Recruitment Consultant Den Haag

Ritsa Paraskevopoulou

International Recruitment Consultant Rotterdam

Ana Bilogrevic

HR medewerker backoffice Den Haag

Yasmin Asfarali

Flexworkers Relationship Manager Den Haag

Anna Nasonova

International Talent Sourcer Amsterdam

Sandra Kroes

Communication Manager Den Haag

Tatiana van der Geest

Manager Financial Administration Den Haag

Jeanniczé Coco

Business Manager Tha Hague

Afaf El Hachimi

Recruitment Consultant Amsterdam

Roald van den Dam

Commercial Manager Amsterdam

Jill Modes

General Manager Den Haag

Esther van Nierop

Esther has been involved with Exact as a trainer for more than 15 years. Esther works with great commitment to achieve the wishes, dreams, goals of employees and the company. With passion, drive and spirit for the best results. Her broad experience in the temporary employment sector at various organisations ensures that Esther can make a good transition and can quickly analyse sales opportunities and possibilities. Putting her experience into practice is accompanied by knowledge, skill and humor!

Esther is one of the partners of PIT Professionals in Training, a no nonsense, committed and driven training agency. PIT provides training courses, workshops, coaching and interim management in various sectors and has been in the temporary employment sector for over 25 years. Commonly used techniques and theories during the PIT trajectories are DISC, Mapstell, Behavioural Design Method and NLP.

Together with the company and/or the participant(s), PIT looks for learning wishes, growth potential, motivations and provides inspiration for further development and utilising talents by consciously developing and deploying them in a competent manner.

Esther van NIerop - partner Exactpi
Aimée Floris - partner Exactpi

Aimée Floris

Excel Yourself helps organisations and its people get the best out of themselves by developing their strengths and focusing on added value. Aimée Floris is an HR business partner in the field of professional development; professional development of organisations, teams and individuals. With a broad substantive knowledge and experience, she anticipates what is needed within an organisation. Always with a structured approach and a people-oriented approach. “From my background in dance, I know that you can excel when you focus on using your strengths and optimal cooperation.” There is room to achieve your goals with confidence and clear expectations. In other words, achieve more with less effort. In addition, Excel Yourself also offers assessments, training and coaching in the field of competence development, team dynamics and HR skills.

Sylvia Kragten

Coach Sylvia Kragten provides coaching and training programmes for various Exactpi clients. She also has her own office from which she coaches individuals, groups and organisations. With her authenticity, life experience and humor she is able like no other to create a pleasant, open atmosphere in which breakthroughs can be realised. She has extensive experience in counselling on collaboration issues, management development and personal development in both the private and public sector.

Sylvia Kragten: “I have been providing individual guidance, coaching and self-developed training courses for more than 30 years. With warmth, strength and an contagious enthusiasm. Passing on experiences and knowledge in an atmosphere of respect and enthusiasm and making it tangible for others is my passion.”

Sylvia Kragten - partner Exactpi
Berry de Boer - partner Exactpi

Berry de Boer

Training-NU is a training agency that combines personal development with organisational development. The Training-NU programmes are strongly focused on achieving results and breakthroughs in behaviour and behavioural patterns. Their vision is that every change starts with you. From that perspective, obstructive or unhealthy patterns can be broken. This affects the achievement of personal and business results and contributes to a healthier life, which is characterised by passion, flow and balance.

Training-NU has programmes for: – Stress & burnout prevention and recovery – Heart coherence and flow – Achieving personal leadership – Personal development and team results – NLP for professionalising communication.

Training-NU uses an integrated approach in all its programmes at the level of head, heart, body and soul. Connecting head and heart is intrinsically motivating, inspiring and stimulating.