Temporary employment

Do you need temporary reinforcement of the team or especially flexibility? Our Temporary employment solutions means that we do not only recruit the best international or Dutch employee but we also take care of the employment. Through a freelance, secondment or agency contract.

Our business managers carefully advise you on the ultimate mix between security and flexibility. Our recruitment consultants turn over the last stone to make the perfect match. Want to know more about Exactpi’s temporary employment solutions ? Schedule a no obligation consultation.

Menno Jansen

Business Manager Rotterdam

Jeanniczé Coco

Business Manager Tha Hague

Marina Dekker

Manager People & Development Rotterdam

Shirley Setrodimedjo

Senior Consultant Rotterdam

Patricia Schlärmann

Senior Consultant Den Haag


Looking for a combination of flexibility for you and security for the candidate? Secondment is the solution. Exactpi is the employer and the weekly contract hours and period are fixed. This is an agreement with perspective for both parties. After the secondment period, you can also enter into a temporary employment contract with the employee yourself. When seconded, the candidate will know exactly where they stand. And so will you.

Temporary Contracts

If the business requires temporary flexibility, we recommend temporary staffing. It is easier to vary the number of hours per week and the duration of the assignment does not have to be fixed in advance. This makes temporary employment the ultimate solution when dealing with illness, temporary overcrowding or facilitating student work. Freedom and flexibility for all parties. That is temporary work through Exactpi.

Hire an independent professional

Do you temporarily need specific expertise for a project? Deploying a freelancer with the right knowledge is a practical option. Exactpi selects the external professional that fits in perfectly with your organisation and assignment and takes care of the complete contract management and administrative actions. So you can make use of their expertise and brainpower without any worries.

Outsourcing employership

A flexible shell protects your organisation in the event of uncertainty and unexpected developments. Are agility and flexibility a must for your organisation? You can achieve this by outsourcing employer responsibilities. Shall we be doing the recruitment together or have you already found the right candidate? Through our payroll or flex employer services, you gain access to sustainable flexibility combined with excellent employer practices.

Interested in
temporary reinforcement?

Do you want to have your projects and vacancies fulfilled promptly, carefully and with the right professional? Contact us for more information about our external services. Or post your vacancy with us directly without any obligation.

We are specialised in recruiting and providing both Dutch speaking and multilingual professionals in the field of:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Support
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Administration

Exactpi is very focused on a good relationship with the customer. To start with the employees listen to your wishes and also feedback is always taken care of. I also like the fact that once I have indicated my wishes to a recruiter, these are also known to the rest of the company. The lines are short and therefore they can switch quickly. That makes the cooperation very pleasant.

Yvette Plugboer

- Visma | Raet

After an enormous growth in its client base, DKV has restructured and expanded its office. Exactpi has recruited many candidates for DKV. They always think along with us, for instance about which other vacancies a candidate might be suitable for.

Sandy Westerman


I am very satisfied about the matching with the DNA we are looking for in the BMW Group. Sometimes it took some searching. But the people at Exactpi really have a feel for personality, behavior and emotion. They know how to select the right personalities, those of people who will be truly happy within our company.

Tamara Bell

- BMW Group