Mission Statement:
Meaningful Growth

At Exactpi Recruitment, we are constantly striving for growth. Professionals rely on us for further development and fulfillment in their careers. Organizations partner with us to attract the best talent and maximize their potential. And we, too, aspire for growth; both personally and in our value to others and our own success.

Besides fundamental needs like earning money, we sense a growing need for significance. People want to be inspired, to participate and to make a meaningful, visible contribution, also at work. And that resonates with us.

At Exactpi, we believe that the connection between head and heart is essential. Always. This ensures more authenticity, the best choices and greater awareness. And it leads to more uniqueness in who we are and how we act.

With over 50 years of experience, a passion for our craft, and sustainable relationships built on quality, trust, and fun, we are the progressive recruitment partner for West Netherlands.

Our dna: Feeling A.L.I.V.E.

A: Authenticity
We stay true to ourselves, in touch with our hearts and we dare to step outside the box.

L: La dolce vita
We work hard, laugh with each other and fully enjoy what we do.

I: Impact
We do what it takes and always and always aim for maximum results, for the other and for Exactpi.

V: Verifiable Trust
We are transparent and trustworthy and assume everyone’s good intentions.

E: Energetic
We have a passion for our work, are entrepreneurial, and continuously develop ourselves and each other.

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Grow with us

Do you also want to grow in your career? The best way to come to our attention is to apply for a vacancy. Is there no suitable vacancy for you right now? Send us an open application and let us know what you aspire to in your next job. We will match you with all future vacancies.

For business growth, our business managers are at your disposal. Would you like to discuss your recruitment strategy or any other HR issue? Or would you like us to help you find a new colleague? Feel free to contact us.

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