Bring your heart to work

Bring your heart to work. That was Exactpi’s motto for many years. And we still feel good about this. But what does that mean in practice? That we do our work with heart and soul. That we let our minds and hearts participate in our choices. On a personal and business level. That as an organisation you bear responsibility for the world around you. And that also means that every now and then we put our words into action.

At this time we see with pain in our hearts what is happening to so many so close by. At the same time, we are touched by the togetherness and selflessness from around the world. And we want to do our bit. Therefore we too support the people of Ukraine. With a donation to giro555 and a lot of hope and loving energy.

Exactpi in actie

Exactpi in action is also this

Voluntary work & more

This gives our employees the opportunity to use 2 half-days per year (paid) for voluntary work of their choice. To do something good and make the world a slightly better place. In addition, we also initiate and tackle projects together as Exactpi. Litter picking, writing Christmas cards, the Kika charity run, or organising a workshop or outing for lonely elderly people.

Just doing it

In fairness, we must confess that we have barely undertaken any projects in 2021/2022 due to Covid. But there are already plenty of plans for 2023. Because doing some good in the world is often not a matter of a lot of effort, it’s a case of just doing it. And that can also be done in many fun ways.

Would you like to propose a project yourself?

Within Exactpi are a number of colleagues with an above-average interest in fellow human beings (and animals too). Together they initiate and organize the actions of Exacti in Action.

Do you know initiatives in which Exactpi and its employees can do something? Then please contact Sandra Kroes. Who knows what beautiful things we can achieve together.

Sandra Kroes

Communication Manager Den Haag