10 tips to spark your creativity

Creativity is an indispensable asset in the modern professional world. The ability to come up with innovative ideas and creative solutions can be invaluable to organizations. We give you 10 tips on how to spark your own creativity.

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10 tips om je creativiteit te boosten

Make yourself even more valuable:
Boost your creativity

Creativity is an indispensable asset in the modern professional world. The ability to come up with innovative ideas and creative solutions can be invaluable for both employees and organisations.

In this article, we will discuss why tapping into your creativity will make you more valuable to the organisation you work for and, of course, how you can fuel your own creativity.

What is creativity?

Creativity is the ability to generate original and innovative ideas, devise solutions to challenges and develop new approaches to various aspects of work and life. It is a valuable skill that helps organisations adapt to a constantly changing environment, create innovative solutions and grow.

Why are you more valuable
as a creative contributor?

  1. You stimulate innovation

Organisations need to constantly innovate to stay competitive. Creative employees bring in new ideas and approaches, leading to product development, process improvements and market advantage.

  1. You solve problems with flair

Creative individuals have the gift of seeing problems from different perspectives. They find unique and effective solutions to complex challenges, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

  1. You are flexible in a fast-changing world

The business environment is more dynamic than ever. Creative professionals are better able to adapt to change and uncertainty because they are used to exploring new ideas and approaches.

  1. You strengthen team dynamics

Creativity fosters collaboration and teamwork. Sharing innovative ideas and encouraging others to do the same can strengthen team spirit and foster a positive work environment.

Why AI cannot do without creativity

  1. Innovation: Creativity drives innovation. While AI can automate repeatable tasks, creative insights are needed to develop new ideas and applications for technologies like AI.
  2. Problem solving: AI can solve many problems, but creativity is often needed to tackle complex, unique problems that are not easy to structure.
  3. Human interaction: In many sectors, especially those where human interaction is important, such as art, design, education and healthcare, creativity plays a vital role that cannot easily be replaced by AI.
  4. Adaptability: The world is changing rapidly, and creativity enables people to adapt to new circumstances and opportunities, even at a time when AI is becoming increasingly dominant.
  5. Synergy with AI: Creativity can complement AI. Humans can use AI tools to improve their creative processes and vice versa. Collaboration between human creativity and AI can produce powerful results.

So, creativity complements the capabilities of AI and it increases the chances for personal and business success. So, above all, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and unleash your creativity!

What is needed for creativity?

Creativity is a valuable skill, but it does not always come naturally. First of all, it takes openness, a willingness to embrace new ideas and challenge existing patterns of thinking. It also requires a dose of courage, the guts to take risks and overcome the fear of possible failure. Energy and passion for the subject also play a crucial role, as they foster motivation and perseverance to keep exploring creative solutions. Finally, curiosity is an indispensable ingredient, as it fuels the drive for knowledge and discovery.

10 Tips to enhance your own creativity

Now that we understand why creativity is so valuable, let’s see how you can spark your own creativity:

#1 Explore diverse interests

Creativity often comes from a wide range of interests. Spend time exploring different fields of study, hobbies and cultural activities. This variety can offer new perspectives and inspire you.

#2 Free association and childlike thinking

Children are known for their directness and honesty, and this approach can offer new perspectives. At the same time, you can use different brainstorming techniques, such as lateral thinking and mind mapping, to stimulate your creative thinking process. Write down everything that comes to mind spontaneously, without evaluating or excluding ideas. Let your thoughts run wild, no matter how crazy they seem. These methods are suitable for both individual and team work, where ideas can be generated separately and then collected and discussed together in a group.

#3 Overcome obstacles

Observe yourself when you try to be creative and it doesn’t want to work out. Don’t take it too personally if your idea is not received as well as you had hoped. After all, it is not about you, but about the result. And you are making an important contribution to that. With ideas and constructive criticism, you can learn something and get a little closer to the solution at the same time. Try to identify and understand the obstacles to your creativity, because this awareness will help you improve your creative process.

#4 Take time to daydream

Time for reflection and daydreaming can give the mind space to form new ideas. Make sure you include moments of silence and contemplation in your daily routine.

#5 Surround yourself with diversity

Interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and skills can enhance your creativity. These interactions can spark new ideas and lead to valuable insights.

#6 Create a stimulating environment

An inspiring and comfortable work environment can boost your creativity. Personalise your workspace and use technology and tools that support your creative process.

#7 Accept uncertainties

In team settings, the fear of your idea being rejected can make you reluctant to contribute. After all, no one wants to be embarrassed, and fear of failure can be a major obstacle. But it would be a shame if you hold yourself back and miss out on important opportunities as a result. Dare to jump over your own shadow, no matter how unconventional your idea may seem, and share your ideas. He who does not dare, he who does not win.

#8 Ask curious questions

Asking questions does not mean you are ignorant, quite the contrary. It invites your interlocutor to participate in the thought process. Bear in mind that the way you ask questions can be influential. If you limit yourself to asking ‘why’, you may not get very far. Instead, focus on questions like ‘how’ and ‘what for’, as these will help you move towards solution-oriented thinking. By being curious and asking smart questions, you can spark creativity in yourself and your team.

#9 Change your routine and work environment

Routine can quickly take over, even in the office, which can hinder your creativity. Especially when making important decisions or working out strategies, creativity is essential. This is why it is valuable to consciously leave your comfort zone and change your environment. Whether it means stepping out of your desk to walk in nature, go to a café, or work outside, this can improve your concentration and stimulate new ideas. It is important to remember that sometimes a small change of environment can bring about big creative breakthroughs.

#10 Practice, practice, practice

Creativity takes practice. Keep busy generating ideas, solving creative challenges and developing your skills. This will strengthen your creative muscle.

Put these tips into practice and improve your creativity and innovativeness and thus that of your team and organisation. Don’t be shy and let those creative muscles work. Your ideas can not only boost your personal and professional growth, but also contribute to the success of your organisation. So, stay curious, keep experimenting, and above all, stay creative!


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