9 things you need to know if you want to work in the Netherlands

Looking for a job in The Netherlands? Check out our 9 things you need to know before you are going the work in Holland.

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working in the Netherlands

Good to know before you're going to work in the Netherlands:

1 Focus on big cities

Most companies you can work for if you don’t speak Dutch are located in and around the big cities. Pay attention to that when choosing where to live if you have the flexibility.

2 Keep your CV short

Dutch recruiters prefer to receive a CV that is no longer than two pages long.

3 To the point

The Dutch are (quite) direct and to the point. This can come across as a bit (or even very) rude, but it’s also nice and clear once you get used to it.

4 Get your essentials

In order to get started, these are the essentials: BSN number (you’ll get this when you register in your place of residence), bank account number, European nationality and/or work permit and health insurance.

5 Less hierarchy

Most of the Dutchies do not like hierarchy. In some companies managers are not required and in other companies they consult almost everyone for big or small decisions. This can be cumbersome, but it also ensures that decisions are supported.

6 Learn Dutch

English is an excellent language to work with in The Netherlands, but if you really want to become part of the company you work for, it is a good idea to learn Dutch. Even in companies where English is the main language, Dutch is still spoken a lot.

7 Personality counts

When hiring new employees, your personality is at least as important as your knowledge and experience. Companies are looking for employees who fit into their culture. So pay extra attention to this in your application.

8 Present yourself on Linkedin

Many job matches are made on Linkedin. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete so it will be easy for people to contact you by including your contact details in your summary.

9 Get yourself a bike

In the Netherlands, distances are short, so everyone cycles. Even our own prime minister. So get yourself a bike and indulge in the Dutch way of life. It’s fast, healthy and cheap!

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