Optimize your LinkedIn profile with ChatGPT

Everything you want to know about AI functionalities to enhance your Linkedin profile, read here!

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Optimaliseer je LinkedIn-profiel met behulp van ChatGPT

Optimize your LinkedIn profile with ChatGPT
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LinkedIn recently integrated ChatGPT’s functionalities into its platform. We would like to tell you which functionality LinkedIn has added for (paid) users, but also how you can make smart use of ChatGPT without a paid membership. So that you can profile yourself even better on LinkedIn.

The innovative AI technology in LinkedIn, which has been part of Microsoft since 2016, is going to change the game for job seekers and recruiters. From automated profile formatting to intelligent matching systems, these are the latest AI features in LinkedIn:

#1. Write a strong profile text

The integrated AI assistant can help you write a compelling profile text. This will help you better communicate your professional story and attract the attention of potential employers or connections. Do not forget to carefully read the obtained profile text afterwards, as ChatGPT can quickly generate a text but you have to check if everything is correct and suits you.

#2. Create a powerful headline that attracts attention

With a strong headline you can make yourself stand out on LinkedIn. Use the integrated ChatGPT functionality to generate an eye-catching headline that highlights your expertise, skills and unique value proposition.

#3. Get info easily with the chat feature

LinkedIn is also testing a new AI-generated chat feature to facilitate conversations between job seekers and recruiters. Using AI Chat, users can talk to each other in a more informal and natural way. The system can also automatically generate responses based on the context of the conversation. This makes it easy and approachable for job seekers to get information about jobs, companies and application processes.

#4 Utilize ChatGPT even if you have a free Linkedin account

Even without the integrated AI functionality, you can use AI as a writing aid to sharpen your profile. To do this, if you haven’t already, create a login at chat.openai.com and start experimenting.If you don’t have much experience yet, use the sample prompts below:

Write a catchy headline
I want you to help me write a catchy headline for my LinkedIn profile.I work as a Marketeer at Exactpi. My strength is connecting people.See my LinkedIn profile for more information: <personal url>

Create a good summary:
I want you to write a LinkedIn summary for me. I work as a Business manager at Exactpi.Make it personal.Give a good picture of who I am and what I have to offer.As personal information, you can add that I like to travel. See my profile here: <personal url>

Make the text more readable:
With this follow-up question: I want you to make the text more readable. Can you add some bullet points where appropriate? Furthermore, I would also like you to add a call to action at the end for employers who are looking for a new colleague like me.

There are many more possibilities with AI

Need another new profile picture? There are also more and more handy and smart apps that allow you to quickly take a few photos of yourself. Experiment with them and boost your online presence with a fresh new look! For example, see this website we tried for new AI generated LinkedIn profile photos: https://www.tryitonai.com/

Want to learn more?

With all these new features becoming available, it might also be smart to improve your AI skills.LinkedIn has introduced AI learning tracks, on topics such as “What is Generative AI,” “Introduction to Prompt Engineering for Generative AI” and “Introduction to Conversational AI.With these learning tracks, you can increase your knowledge about AI and prepare yourself well.You can read more about their importance in: The Skills You Need in 2030.


LinkedIn has added new features with the integration of ChatGPT that contribute to a better LinkedIn profile.But even without a paid membership, you can make smart use of ChatGPT as a writing tool to better profile yourself professionally on LinkedIn with the above prompts.So get started from now on, be surprised by the possibilities and outcomes and make your LinkedIn profile irresistible!


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