Cosmic Career

An important conversation with your boss or a job interview? Exactpi's Anna explains how celestial bodies can influence your career.

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How celestial bodies can influence your career.

Cosmic Career
The influence of celestial bodies

Planning an important conversation with your boss or a job interview you are especially excited about? Ever wondered why some days everything just goes and feels right, while others it just does not work? Simply need a sign? The universe might as well show you the way. If you only imagine how ancient, huge and powerful celestial bodies are, it’s no surprise they can actually influence all aspect of our existence, including career.  In this article Anna is going to cover when are the better days to start a new job, schedule a conversation about a pay raise, revisit unfinished projects or celebrate a success.

Here comes a disclaimer. The article is for those who can use their best judgment.  Please, be critical about everything you are going to read here. It’s just one of many ways to try and understand yourself and the world around a little better. This text can also serve as an inspiration to do your own research if you find the subject attractive. The author – International Recruitment Consultant and blogger Anna Nasonova – is no expert and is simply sharing the little knowledge and observations she has collected.

Meet the author

Anna Nasonova is Russian but also speaks English, French and basic Dutch, so she is a true international. And she loves to write about it. She knows better than anyone what you encounter when you start living and working in the Netherlands and is happy to help you with this in her role as international Recruitment Consultant.

Anna Nasonova - international recruitment consultant

International Recruitment Consultant Anna Nasonova

Lunar phases

There are 4 main Moon (Lunar) phases: First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter and New Moon. You can find which phase it is now or any other day by simply typing the date and then moon phase in any search engine.

New Moon is a rebirth, the day when everything starts all over. Energy may be low, things may seem fatal, difficult. This period is perfect to strategise, make plans. Every New Moon is almost like another New Year: great time to visualise, manifest, write down your (professional) goals and how you are going to reach them step by step. Please, don’t rush to take action on a New Moon though, just take a moment to imagine life and career exactly how you want them to be.

First Quarter is finally the time to hit the road. The more action we take this time, the happier Moon is. The energy accumulated since the New Moon is sufficient to bring the plans we had elaborated earlier to life. If you have set a goal to find a new exciting and fulfilling job, it’s great to at least browse through the vacancies, refresh your LinkedIn profile or maybe even start applying. Do not allow old things and habits to hold you back, regardless how comfortable they seem. Write down all the ideas that cross your mind on a Quarter Moon, many of them might be beneficial and lucrative. Don’t postpone the most important things or conversations for later, the “later” is now. Also a great time to start your own business venture and not that great to throw a corporate party.

There’s as well a transitional period before we see the Full Moon, it’s called Waxing Gibbous. Anything work related is supposed to be going well. In case there are no complications (like Mercury in retrograde), it’s a good moment to sign a contract or take on a responsibility. Essential though to be flexible and to persevere. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Then comes the Full Moon. If you happen to be a sensitive person, you do not even need to look it up – you already know. It’s time to be cautious and to improve what you already have or do: skills, relationships, tasks. This time it might seem like your life or career is absolutely not what you have been looking for, one might feel an absolute need to erase everything and start from scratch. Keep your cool, calmly see these thoughts coming and then drifting away, like clouds in the sky 🙂 Good time to launch a promo campaign. Don’t take risks or make essential life-changing decisions. Avoid tension or conflict situations. Right after the Full Moon you will start seeing the results of the actions you took earlier during the month.

During the Last Quarter everything that was meant to go, will be gone. Great time to finish projects or solve problems that already have been around for a while. Energy may be low, but it’s important to give what’s left (without going to extremes and exhaustion). Beneficial to start a refresher course, a training or attend lectures, challenge your brain. Rewarding to generously share knowledge and advice with colleagues. Do not get involved in shady activities or conflict situations. Closing deals, launching new projects or signing important papers is not recommended.

And then, it will be the New Moon again – a fresh start, another beginning.

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Special events

There are also special events that can influence things significantly.

Moon eclipse, for example, can be compared to the Full Moon x10 in terms of how powerful it might be. Everything to get rid of is highlighted. Reconsider toxic relationships or unhealthy habits.  Great time to finish what’s has been hanging and think of further actions. It’s also useful to check the element which is ruling the eclipse just by looking up a zodiac sign Moon is in.  A Moon eclipse in fire element can make one super energetic, though sometime impulsive. Earth makes one contemplate their financial status and wellbeing. Air can influence how you perceive and communicate things. Water might make one feel unstable or insecure. Important to consider when planning to speak in public and meeting people you would want to impress.

Planets can impact our plans too

Mercury, for example, is responsible for communication, everything we say or write. Mercury in retrograde often means things may be miscommunicated, misunderstood,  delayed or lost along the way. Not the ideal time to sign important documents or contracts – there’s a possibility of an error or a typo, so you will have to do this all over again. Meetings or important conversations can get postponed or canceled – and it’s often for the best too. Deadlines may not be met or promises kept. A new job may not be what you expected. If you really need a job at the moment, feel free to start and keep in mind you can quit if you don’t enjoy it 🙂 Starting or registering your own business is better to move for when Mercury is back on track. There’s still something this time is great for: go back, re-make, re-do. If there’s an unfinished project or a task, a conversation left half way, great time to revisit these things. Repeat what you’ve already done, but try and make it better. Going back to your old job may be promising.

Venus is considered to be a planet of values, comfort, money, beauty and balance. Venus in retrograde can affect our perception on what’s possible or impossible. Building relationships might not be easy, small troubles or miscommunications might take place. Money may be late to come. Venus in retrograde can also mean starting a new chapter in life, personal or professional. You may want to pivot your career, also maybe restructure or completely let go of your business. Old employers or connections may get in touch. We may feel like we are finally seeing things for what they are, reviewing our ways to make money or connections. Scam or dishonesty may get revealed.

Pluto is very slow yet powerful, a planet of transformation (relocation, change of status, etc.), helps to understand the true meaning and purpose. It’s also about power and pressure. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and for the 1st time since then exited in 2023. Pluto is often taking things away, instead bringing something to overcome. It caused many enormous changes. Also, despite all the put effort progress may had been difficult to achieve for Capricorns. In 2024 when existing Pluto may drastically change Capricorn’s source of income. In January 2024 Pluto has started entering Aquarius and is going to be there until 2044.  It’s now Aquarius’s turn to be reconsidering their true purpose in life.

Based on astrological events or not, we wish everyone the most exciting career opportunities and the most wise choices. Is it your sign to check out what Exactpi is right now? 🙂

Would you like to learn more about this topic or have a conversation with one of our Multilingual experts? Feel free to contact Anna Nasonova.

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