The magic of DigiD

To ensure safe and effortless access to confidential online services, DigiD exists. A feature of paramount importance for daily life in the Netherlands. What is it? And how can it make your life easier?

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DidiD: everything you need to know

The magic of DigiD:
What is it and why is it helpful?

The Netherlands is a country where almost everyone has access to the internet, enabling the convenience of handling numerous affairs online. To ensure safe and effortless access to confidential online services, DigiD exists. A feature of paramount importance for daily life in the Netherlands. We provide guidance on how it functions and its extensive utility in simplifying secure logins across these digital platforms.

What is DigiD?

DigiD stands for Digital Identity. With your DigiD, you demonstrate who you are when you want to arrange something online with a (semi)governmental organization. One can use DigiD to log into most of the resources online related to government, health, education or finance in the Netherlands. It is an highly scured authentication tool with centralized database, just like using Google or Facebook account to log in to many other apps and websites. With your DigiD your personal information remains well secured and protected.

Why is DigiD helpful?

Using DigiD, you don’t have to enter your personal information, which ensures safe access; don’t have to go through registration on each website (upload your passport and BSN for online banking, etc.); and never have to enter your password, because instead you enter a chosen PIN code on a separate device – your phone.

If the phone gets lost or stolen, it’s easy to block just your DigiD account, instead of multiple banking and admin pages. Also, DigiD can only be used on a limited number of devices – up to 5. The app won’t allow you to exceed this limit and will suggest to log out on a device if you want to connect with a new one.

It is of course still possible to go around without using DigiD, however if you do, it makes things a bit faster and easier (which is what we always aim for).

DidiD: what is it and how can it help you?

How do you get a DigiD?

  1. Visit the DigiD website: Go to the official DigiD website for the Netherlands. You can find it at
  2. Create an account: Click on the option to ‘Aanvragen’ (Request) or ‘Create account’. You’ll need to provide personal information such as your citizen service number (BSN), date of birth, and address.
  3. Choose your username and password: Select a username and password for your DigiD account. Make sure to follow the guidelines for a strong password.
  4. Activation code: After completing the application, you’ll receive an activation code by mail within 5 working days. This code is sent to the address registered in the municipal personal records database (BRP).
  5. Activate your DigiD: Once you receive the activation code, go back to the DigiD website and use it to activate your account. Follow the instructions provided with the activation code.
  6. Use your DigiD: Your DigiD is now active. You can use it to log in to various government services and websites in the Netherlands.

If you’re good to go to identify yourself, you open a website or app, choose Login with DigiD, open DigiD app on your phone, enter your PIN, the app shows a verification code to be entered on the chosen website. And you’re in. Ready to arrange a doctor’s appointment, upload a bill for your insurance company or change your residence address. The list can go on and on, it might as well be endless.

Here are a few pages where one can definitely make use of DigiD.

  • Gemeente is a local municipality. Logging in with DidiD on their website, one can arrange anything parking or renovation related, submit a new address, notify about changes in family situation (marriage, birth, death), etc.
  • Mijn Belastingdienst is there to arrange anything tax related: submit an annual income tax return, change your bank account number they have in the system, etc.
  • Mijn Overheid is to manage the data government has on you.
  • IND is for anything related to Dutch residence permit and citizenship: regulations, documents to submit, follow up on your application, etc.
  • Mijn Inburgering is to check if you are expected to take inburgering exams, schedule or re-schedule those, see exam samples, etc.
  • KVK is the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce; to register a business or get support for entrepreneurs.
  • CBR is to obtain and exchange a Dutch driver’s license, or for anything related to driving.
  • Health insurance companies (CZ, Ohra and others) use DigiD too to login to one’s personal space, see the insurance plan, submit a bill, etc.

What to do if you forgot your DigiD credentials?

If you have activated your DigiD by connecting your email or phone number to the app, then you can reset the password using one of those. If you have not, there’s still a way out. Go to settings, enter your username and BSN. A paper letter with a recovery code will be delivered to your physical mailbox within 3 business days. Then, entering the recovery code from the letter it will be possible to reset the password.

In case your DigiD app PIN code is forgotten, then it’s not possible to change it. The only way is to reset the app.

If you forgot your username, the only option is to apply for a new DigiD. A DigiD username is private,  helpdesk agents cannot see it, thus there’s no way they can retrieve it.

Here we are, a universal tool, that makes all the admin in The Netherlands less time-consuming, but more efficient and secure.

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