Procedure for dealing with complaints at Exactpi

If you have a complaint about our services or have experienced discrimination in your contact with Exactpi (employees or clients) we will take it very seriously. Below you will find the steps we take to ensure your complaint is dealt with properly and resolved adequately.

1. Receipt, registration and information about the procedure

You will report your complaint to your contact person at Exactpi or to the relationship manager Yasmin Asrafali. We will register your complaint on a digital form. After completing the form we will go through the complaint handling procedure with you.

2. Determine the complaint handler

If your contact person has accepted the complaint he or she will forward it to Exactpi’s relationship manager Yasmin Asrafali. It will then be determined who is the right person to handle the complaint, usually the person responsible for the process in question.

The handler is never the employee who provided the service to which the complaint relates. The name and position of the complaint handler are recorded on the digital complaint form.

3. Resolving the complaint.

The digital complaint form is sent to the complaint handler. He or she will contact you within two working days and will try to resolve the complaint immediately and/or agree on how and when the complaint will be handled. In case the complaint leads to an adjustment of a procedure within Exactpi we will also indicate the time frame in which this will be implemented.

The complaint handler will report the settlement of the complaint through the digital complaint form.

4. Contact about complaint handling

We will contact you within 5 working days after the complaint has been handled to verify whether the complaint has been solved satisfactorily. If not, the complaint handler will be requested to do so within 2 working days. When the complaint has been satisfactorily resolved, it will be closed.

5. Reporting and Analysis

Each quarter, an overall report is made of all complaints received and included in an analysis. Any conclusions from the analysis that lead to process or procedure changes are communicated internally.

Want to know more?

For more information about our complaints protocol or submitting a complaint, please contact Relationship manager Yasmin Asrafali.

Marina Dekker

Manager People & Development Rotterdam