8 Valuable Career Lessons from Exacters

In this article, the professionals at Exactpi share the most important career lessons they have learned in their work. Get inspired and discover how their insights can shorten your own path to success.

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8 carrièrelessen van Exacters

What You Wish You Had Known Earlier:
8 Career Lessons from the Professionals at Exactpi

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or have gained several years of experience, it’s never too late to learn and grow. When it comes to work, you learn many things through upbringing and schooling, but others you discover along the way, often through trial and error. What a waste! In this article, the professionals at Exactpi share the most important career lessons they have learned in their work. Get inspired and discover how their insights can shorten your own path to success.

Lesson 1: Determine Your Priority

Before starting a (new) job, it's good to consider what you value most. Is success defined by a high salary for you, or is it more about having more free time? Do you seek stability or freedom? Do you prefer working in a large dynamic corporation or do you prefer something smaller and cozier? Do you want your mind to be challenged daily, or is the contact with your colleagues most important? Think about your ideal situation, make sure you know what you want, and then look for the job that best fits it.

Daniella Frost – a.i. Key Account Recruiter

Lesson 2: Colleagues Make the Difference

Ensure that you enjoy going to work. You spend a large part of your life at work. If you're not happy with your job, it will negatively impact your personal life. Not only the type of work matters, but your work environment and colleagues are equally important. Choose a place where you can not only pursue your passion but also enjoy the people around you. You usually see them more often than your best friends or family.

Yasmin Aouragh – Recruitment Consultant

Yasmin Aouragh

Lesson 3: Change Your Behavior, Not Others'

Often, it's better to adjust your own behavior instead of trying to change others or the situation. In the past, I've dealt with colleagues who had certain opinions and unfortunately were unable to compromise with me or others. In those cases, you always hope you can change the person, but I've learned that it hardly ever works. It's better to compromise on the issue itself and resolve the situation, rather than trying to get into the other person's head. After all, you only have control over your own behavior and attitude.

Ritsa Paraskevopoulou – International Recruitment Consultant

Lesson 4: Stay Curious

Prioritize continuous learning. In a rapidly changing work environment, it's important to be open to learning new skills and knowledge. Embrace the challenges that come your way and see them as opportunities to grow, remain curious, and be proactive in continuing to develop yourself. Additionally, be open to ideas and feedback from others. This will help you become better at your work.

Effy Malfa – International Recruitment Consultant


Lesson 5: Utilize Your Talents

If you're still looking for a job, pay attention to whether what you're good at and enjoy doing is reflected in the role. That will often come more easily to you and require less energy. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to find, but it's worth investing that time and energy. Everyone has their own story, but perseverance and hard work will eventually pay off.

Anna Nasonova – International Recruitment Consultant

Lesson 6: Dare to Take Risks

Standing still equals regression to me. Make sure you stay informed about developments in your field and embrace new technologies. Don't be afraid to take risks, tackle new challenges, and make lateral moves. This sets you apart and contributes to your personal growth. It makes your work more interesting. Then use those new experiences as building blocks for further development.

Menno Jansen – Business Manager

Lesson 7: Invest in Relationships

It's important to invest in relationships from the start and continuously, both within and outside your field. Building a network can further your career. It's handy to have a good elevator pitch ready. Sometimes it's not just about how much knowledge you have, but also who you know. New people bring new insights and experiences. By engaging in conversations with each other, you can be inspired. Good collaborations lead to even better relationships and success.

Yasmin Asrafali – Relationship Manager en Recruitment Marketeer

Lesson 8: Take Care of Yourself

Vitality is important. A healthy lifestyle ensures that you feel good not only mentally but also physically, and this can contribute to your work happiness. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, and relaxation are important variables in this. Listen to your body. A positive work environment also contributes to how you feel, the energy you get from colleagues, and the tasks. This will ultimately contribute to your long-term success. And if you ever get stuck or have issues you can't solve on your own, don't be afraid to seek help. A few sessions with a mentor or coach can make a world of difference.

Marina Dekker – Manager People & Development

A career is a journey you embark on, not a destination. Stay curious and passionate about your field and find ways to sharpen your skills. Let your curiosity lead you to new opportunities and challenges.

Did this article inspire you, or do you have a career lesson worth sharing? Let Relationship Manager Yasmin Asrafali know via asrafali@exactpi.nl. We’d love to learn from you and might include your lesson in a future article.

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