8 benefits and tips for ‘working remotely’

Remote working: a mix of relaxation and renewed job satisfaction. 4 advantages on why you want to see this reflected in your terms of employment and 4 tips on how to start the conversation with your employer.

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The joy of 'working remotely': 4 benefits and 4 tips

Working from the beach, who wouldn’t want that? At Exactpi we recently started offering this opportunity to our employees. Because did you know that adventure and career confidence stimulates, a new environment creates creativity and a quiet place makes you work more productive? This is possible with ‘working remotely’, where you work remotely, out of the office, not location-dependent. So in addition to being able to work at home, you can also work remotely abroad. But what are the advantages of this? And if you want to propose remote working to your (future) employer, what should you take into account? We take you through it!

Why work remotely

Since the covid pandemic, we have proven that we are good at working remotely. Many people experienced the convenience of working from home during the crisis and we would prefer not to work without it. In addition, the possibilities for remote working have greatly improved due to digitalization. If your employer allows it, you can temporarily swap your home office for a nice place abroad: a work station.

But what are the benefits of working remotely

#1 You become more creative and productive
This is because you are energized by your new surroundings, which also gives you more inspiration and thus allows you to gain new insights.

#2 You can discover new places
During the week you just do your work and on the weekend there is plenty of room to discover the surroundings of your new workplace.

#3 Improve the quality of life
(Often) warm temperatures, a different environment, getting to know new people, flexibility. Aspects that make many people happy, which causes your quality of life to improve.

#4 Save on multiple components
Working abroad may seem expensive. But did you know that in many countries you pay less for food and your home? In addition, you also need to take fewer vacation days, because you are already at your vacation destination and less likely to feel the need. Also, the costs and time involved in traveling to and from work are eliminated.

For many professions, it doesn’t matter much where you open your laptop, as long as you have good wifi and, of course, a nice workplace. Here is an overview of great destinations to do your work abroad.

Starting the conversation with your employer:
What should you consider

It is important that you can be honest with your employer if you feel the need to work remotely. However, it is essential that you are well prepared. Read our 4 tips below.

#1 Check the policy
Perhaps your employer already has a policy around hybrid/remote work. This will give you insight into what is already established and where there is room to discuss options.

#2 Write it down
Think carefully about why you would like the opportunity to work remotely. What is your motivation? Write this down. Don’t forget to write down any other important points you want to discuss during the interview. This way you can be sure that you touch on all the necessary subjects and don’t forget to share anything.

#3 Make a plan 
Show your employer that you have thought about a plan. What will be your destination? For how long do you want to go there? Make sure it’s for a period of time when you don’t necessarily have to be in the office to increase your chances of getting a deal. Your accessibility is also very important. Is there a time difference and if so, how much is it? And of course your accommodation is also important. Arrange a place with good wifi – check this carefully via reviews – and with a desk, so that you can always work in a nice spot.

#4 Determine your workweek
For yourself and your employer it is good to determine what your workweek will look like. What hours and days do you work? Maybe you want an extra day off during the week so you can do more fun things? Or would you like to apply for leave for a number of days in a row? Make a rough schedule of this. This way you have an overview and your employer can see that you are taking your responsibility because you have already thought about everything.

More to come

We are only at the beginning of remote working, so this will develop a lot more. And the conversation will also become easy. We believe in a good work-life balance, where our employees are always given the space to continue to develop, in whatever field they want. Want to make sure you can make use of a workation? Check the company policy and discuss it as early as during your application process.

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