How ChatGPT is going to make your life more fun and easier

Can you also use ChatGPT to make your daily life more fun and easier? Yes you can! We give you 8 examples and tell you what prompt (assignment to ChatGPT) you can use for that.

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How ChatGPT is going to make our lives more fun and easier
8 examples

ChatGPT is changing the way we work and interact with all our devices. There are lots of good reasons to use it, such as because it helps you work faster and it can help make your customers happy. It’s impressive technology, that’s obvious.

So how do you use this artificial intelligence conveniently in your daily life? We all know by now that ChatGTP lets you write texts, but what else? We were curious and found out!

What is ChatGPT anyway?

Of course, we asked the program ChapGPT itself and this is how ChatGPT describes itself:

ChatGPT is a computer program designed to communicate with people via text messages. Developed by OpenAI, the program uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to answer questions and conduct conversations. The goal of ChatGPT is to provide useful and informative answers to a wide range of topics and to learn from each interaction with users to get better and better at understanding human language.

Want to experience it for yourself? Create a free account here:

8 uses of ChatGPT in your daily life

Emails, evaluations, minutes, reviews, blogs, articles, opinion pieces, reports and so on: for everyone who writes at work, the language model is definitely going to help save time and produce better results.

Can you also use the same artificial intelligence to make your daily life more fun and easier? Yes indeed! And in time, ChatGPT’s technology will become available in other applications as well. So what else is possible using AI? We will give you some examples and tell you which prompt (command to CHatGPT) you can use in the process. Handy to try out right away!

#1 Manage your calendar

AI can help you determine your priorities. For example, ChatGPT can help you decide which task to complete first when you have a list of tasks. Handy for saving time. ChatGPT can also serve as a personal assistant for tasks such as setting reminders, scheduling appointments and managing to-do lists.

Example prompt:

Pretend to be my personal assistant and create a convenient daily schedule based on priorities. Here’s what to do: [description of tasks]. I am fresher in the morning and in the afternoon I prefer to do some less strenuous work.

#2 Create error-free emails quickly

You can use ChatGPT to write emails. You can give the model a subject and a few sentences about what you want to communicate, and an email text follows based on your input. This can help you write effective emails that appeal to your target audience. For example, ask:

Write an email to [customer name] thanking them for their trust and I offer a discount on a future purchase.

#3 Collect restaurant tips

The AI language model does not currently have real-time access to current information about restaurants, but it probably won’t take very long. The tool can, however, help you get a list of restaurants in a particular city or a list of most popular restaurants.

#4 Make an itinerary

You can use ChatGPT as your personal travel guide to plan travels and trips. Proceed as follows:

Pretend you are a travel guide. I tell you my location and you suggest a place to visit near that location. Also suggest similar places near my first location. My first request is “I am in Italy in the town of Vernazza and I only want to visit museums.”

#5 Get financial tips

Ask the chatbot to give you 20 saving tips. You’ll get helpful tips for saving money in a matter of seconds. Or ask what to do if you plan to start investing, but aren’t sure how:

I’m interested in investing in stocks, but I don’t know how to get started. Could you create a beginner’s guide to stock investing?

#6 Achieve fitness goals

Want to exercise more and watch your weight? Then a meal plan can help you with that, telling you exactly what and how much you can eat. Procrastinating is no longer an excuse.

Sample prompt:
Create a meal plan for a 40-year-old woman of 1,500 calories a day with the goal of losing weight, with a focus on protein.

#7 Make up recipes

Don’t know what to do with the ingredients left in your fridge? Ask ChatGPT:

Make up a recipe with ingredient X, X and X, including recipe list and preparation method.

#8 Medical knowledge in house

The chatbot can also be used to help you answer questions about your health and find information about medical conditions. Be careful with this, though, because in the current version, the source of the information is not visible. Example prompt:

Can you give me information about <a specific medical condition>?

The possibilities of artificial intelligence are endless and the tool is constantly evolving and getting smarter every day. Meanwhile, the even smarter ChatGPT 4 is available (for a fee). Every conversation is used to further train the chatbot, so the future looks promising!

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