Microlearning as a solution for continuous development

Microlearning allows you to immerse yourself quickly and easily in smaller sub-topics. It is therefore perfect for continuous self-development.

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More about microlearning

Everyone knows by now the importance of continuing to develop yourself. After all, the constant technological development means that different skills are constantly required. But if you already have a busy job, the threshold for a full training program is often too high. An alternative is microlearning. This allows you to quickly and easily immerse yourself in smaller sub-topics.

GoodHabitz is one of the providers of microlearning and provides the unlimited learning portal for the professionals working at Exactpi.  The training courses (more than 150) from GoodHabitz have an entirely unique approach. No books, readers, handouts or other boring learning material. No, the material is packaged in appealing magazines, homemade documentaries, games and videos. Learning should be fun, that’s our motto”, says Inge van der Burgt, SME coach at GoodHabitz.

The nice thing is that learning something new doesn't have to be done in huge leaps or time-consuming. On the contrary, the idea is not to set the bar too high but to take small steps. A tsunami also starts with a small wave.

With small steps forward

Microlearning is based on the belief in developing small pieces of learning content and flexible technology that allows you to easily access learning content at certain specific times, such as during lunch breaks and on the go. It is content that we can read, watch or process quickly – in just 10 minutes or less. It could be a video, a blog or a series of instructional questions that help us think differently.

”The nice thing is that learning something new doesn’t have to be by giant leaps or time-consuming. On the contrary, the idea is not to set the bar too high but to take small steps. A tsunami also starts with a small wave. By making it small it fits easily into your work week without losing track. Think of it as exercising, then it’s also better to start with twice a week. For myself, I schedule two 15-minute sessions each week. Then I can continue the training where I left off. That half hour in the week means two hours in the month and therefore five training sessions in a year!”

Choose a topic that appeals to you

Even if you don’t have access to a platform like GoodHabitz, you can get started tomorrow. For example on Youtube you can find plenty of explanatory videos on all possible subjects. It is important that you choose a subject that appeals to you. That’s a tip I often give people. Something you already know a little about is easier to learn than something you have no knowledge of. The moment you choose subjects that are not necessarily important for ‘that specific role’ you keep it surprising and varied for yourself.  Make sure it’s always a combination of content that appeals to you and that adds value to your job satisfaction, role or advancement opportunities.”

Or just think out of the box

Also, don’t be afraid to choose something unfamiliar. By taking that step, you learn a lot. ”You can delve into a topic you hadn’t thought about. This too you do in small steps, a short piece and not immediately a presentation of a day. It gives you control over your own development, you are the only one who knows where you want to go. To help the student make a choice, he does the Goodscan the first time. In this scan we look at the talents, personality and motivation of the student. This scan results in a top 10 recommendation for the training that best suits the person in question. The training courses can be followed completely independently. The nice thing is that with our methods you often learn without even realizing you are learning.”

Get inspired

Why work on your development right now? “You can’t stand still. Functions change and the demand for digital skills, for example, is increasing. By keeping up with that, you create more opportunities for yourself.” Also get inspired by other people. By talking to people who are involved in the subject or having coffee with someone who inspires you. In this way you remain structurally engaged in your own development”.

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