Personal Year Plan in 5 steps

With a personal development plan for the coming year focused on developing competencies and achieving goals. With these 5 steps, you will develop your personal annual plan for the perfect kickoff to 2023!

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5 stappen naar een persoonlijk jaarplan

A good kickoff to 2023:
In 5 steps to a personal annual plan

The end of the year is approaching. A time for companies to look back and make plenty of plans for the coming years. Why don’t we as employees just join in? With a personal development plan for the coming year aimed at developing competencies and achieving goals. Use these 5 steps to develop your personal annual plan for the perfect kickoff to 2023!

# 1. Start with a personal analysis

Before you can begin planning your personal annual plan, you need to know where you want to go. Where am I now? And why am I doing what I’m doing?

A SWOT analysis is commonly used to identify opportunities and threats to an organization. You can also use this method to gain insight into your long-term career opportunities. By recognizing your strengths, you can put more energy into what you are good at. By understanding your weaknesses, you will know what to avoid or what you need help with.

# 2. Set your career goals

Now that you have a better understanding of your current personal situation, it is time to think about the next steps. What does your further future look like, what ambitions do you have? Also indicate why these plans are important to you.

Also think about the steps your company will take. Will they adopt a new organizational structure, for example, and will this affect your work? Do these developments match the ambitions you have?

Make these goals concrete, for example using the SMART goals method. Make sure your goals remain realistic and attainable.

# 3. Make a competency analysis

And now the question: what do I need to do that? It is essential to have a good understanding of the skills and competencies you need to achieve your goals. Also, think carefully about what you can do to develop capabilities. For example, are there courses that contribute or one-on-one coaching by your supervisor?

#4. Action!

By now you have gathered all information about your current and desired situation, and the difference between them. You take this into the (end of year) conversation with your manager. Together you test your development goals for feasibility and whether they are in line with the organizational goals. It is also important to plan periodic follow-up evaluations. To discuss whether your development plan is still on track or whether you need to make adjustments.

Read more tips for a successful end-of-year meeting here.

#5. Merge everything into one document

The well-known POP form (or PDP plan in English) stands for personal development plan. Here you collect all input from the previous steps that you have discussed with your manager. From personal analysis to a concrete plan of action. This document gives you tools and makes your goal clear and measurable.

Ready for the future

Now your organization with ambitious annual plans is ready for you, too. Your personal annual plan ensures that you flourish within the organization, are more widely employable and develop core competencies that others may not have. Not only does this increase your chances on the job market, you also stimulate inner motivation.

At Exactpi, development and growth of our employees is key. Did you know that all Exactpi employees have their own personal development plan? Our recruiters will be happy to tell you more about it.

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