Modern offices – The hybrid trends of 2022

The 5 trends in physical and digital work environment adaptation to hybrid working? Exactpi figured it out for you.

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moderne kantoren - trends 2022

Office trends
and the impact on your work

The past period has made it clear that working from home is a serious option. All doubts have been removed and we have proven that home can be a good place to work. But to be able to continue working well post-corona that demands a lot from people. What trends do we see emerging when it comes to physically and digitally adapting the work environment? Exactpi found out.

#1 Autonomy is a must

Everyone wants to maintain autonomy when it comes to organizing their own work. Being constantly watched when and how you do your work is not fun for anyone. This also requires a change in the management style of your supervisor. Where it becomes mainly supporting, facilitating and setting the framework. In 2021 already did a survey and what did it show? 1 in 6 home workers thinks that the boss is watching when they work from home. As far as Exactpi is concerned; not done! We are curious how you experience this in your organization?

#2 Better work-life balance

A good work-life balance is often a result of more hybrid working. Unnecessary travel time is avoided. This requires adjustments in the mobility policy. But also a good home working policy with attention to a suitable workplace at home is important.
For most people, working no longer means sitting in a room from nine to five. Employees are looking for flexibility, mobility and more freedom. Hybrid working makes that possible.

#3 Office must be worth the trip

The main functions of the physical office are becoming more collaborative, creative stimulation and personal contact. This calls for a different set-up and design of the office; it must be worth making the trip. This is a combination of a place where concentrated work can be done but also spaces for creative brainstorming. Where the needs of employees are central. It should be a nice place where colleagues can come together and they feel comfortable. Recent studies have confirmed that 70% of people work from home at least once a week and according to Gartner, 48% of employees are likely to work remotely at least part of the time after COVID-19 versus 30% before the pandemic. Office will therefore have a function to meet.

#4 Facilities that match need

Consultations and meetings are becoming more diverse, with the function and purpose of the consultation needing to match the form of consultation and the facilities for it. Physical, hybrid or digital? And what exactly is needed for this? Even more than before, employees need a choice of suitable rooms, hardware and software. Plug and play is becoming the new standard here.

#5 Health & Happiness play a bigger role

Health and happiness are becoming increasingly important. This also calls for a healthy work environment. At home and at the office. Think about facility issues such as acoustics, workplace ergonomics but also the amount of greenery in and around the building. Or a healthy range of catering and encouraging exercise during and outside working hours. This trend will continue to grow in 2022. And say it yourself… a boring office building doesn’t make you happy either, does it?

What suits you

Which trends are applicable to your company? It is impossible to deny the future of hybrid or home working. So it’s important to capitalize on this to keep employees happy. But also in order to increase your attractiveness as an employer and remain competitive in the tight labor market.

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