Vitality: 6 tips for the workplace

What can you do to reduce stress, get ahead of burnout and be as energetic as possible in life? We share our 6 vitality tips for you as a professional to maintain a good work-life balance.

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Vitaliteit en Work life balance

Great work-life balance through vitality:
6 tips

The basis for happiness in yourself and in your work is vitality. Because that enables you to perform optimally in all areas. In the busyness of life, it is a challenge for many to pay sufficient attention to this vitality. While it yields so much, because by being more vital, you are more motivated, energetic, focused and productive!

What can you do to reduce stress, get ahead of burnout and be as energetic as possible in life? We share our 6 vitality tips for you as a professional to maintain a good work-life balance.

What does vitality mean

When are you actually vital? Vitality is all about the energy and strength with which people live their lives emotionally, physically and mentally. Thereby, these lifestyle factors play a major role: diet, smoking, alcohol and drug use, exercise, relaxation and sleep. These factors largely determine how vital a person is.

But socio-demographic characteristics also influence your vitality, such as your gender, age and level of education. Finally, factors such as your income, living environment, social class, work environment and workload as well as your connection with nature affect how vital you feel. Optimal vitality simply means regularity and balance in all factors.

The core elements and manifestations of vitality are energy, motivation and resilience. Energy is logically characterized by how energetic you feel. Motivation is about setting goals in life and making an effort to achieve them. And resilience refers to the ability to deal with life’s daily problems and challenges.

6 tips for boosting your vitality

There are an enormous number of elements you can work with if you want to increase your vitality. Because you spend a lot of time working, our tips focus on that situation. To get the most out of yourself and your work (happiness)!

#1 Get moving and exercise

Everyone knows that getting enough exercise and exercising is good for you. But during a full-time office job, this can sometimes be forgotten. While at work, make sure to stretch your legs and go for a walk every hour. This doesn’t have to be very long and can be accomplished even if you walk to the bathroom or get a drink. Have a longer phone conversation? Walk away from your desk and keep moving during the call.

If you really want to create a win-win situation, take a walk outside for some fresh air. That way you’ve had your exercise, but also the wind and sun give you positive energy!

#2 Live healthy

Perhaps an on and on, but healthy living is an indispensable aspect in increasing your vitality. If your employer does not offer healthy food and drinks, make your own responsible lunches. Consume unhealthy things in moderation.

Also make sure you take plenty of restful moments, something that can be combined well with tip 1 at work. A good night’s sleep of an average of 7 to 8 hours also works wonders.

It is also important to maintain social contacts at work, because a pleasant relationship with your colleagues and supervisors also promotes your vitality.

#3 Drink enough water

Did you know that water is the second most important thing for human health after oxygen? Drinking water maintains your fluid balance, gets rid of waste products through your blood intestines and kidneys, helps your digestion and so on. Even on busy office days, try to fill your glass often enough to get 1.5 liters of water. A bottle on your desk is great, but then don’t forget to exercise.

#4 Focus on your growth and happiness

Personal growth and development are very important for your mental vitality. Stimulate yourself, seek challenges and learn new things. That way you stay motivated and your work becomes more fun. Focus on what makes you happy.

And pay attention, what are your energizers and energizers? These range from activities with certain people to enjoying your work. Delete what eats up energy and shift the focus to the things that make you most happy. In other words, take personal leadership over your life. This will automatically give you a more positive mindset and make you feel more vital.

#5 Schedule your time smartly

If you want to experience balance, it’s good to plan your time smartly. Planning certainly doesn’t have to be minute-by-minute, anything but, because that can actually cause stress. An overall weekly schedule is sufficient. So when do you work? And how much space do you have during work hours for administrative matters and for meetings? When do you make time for friends and family? And don’t forget your me-time? This way you create an overview in advance and you know for sure that you have enough space for everything. This in turn creates mental peace, clear boundaries and a good work-life balance.

#6 Share your wishes with your employer

It’s nice when your employer sympathizes with your wishes regarding vitality, so share them too! Earlier we wrote an article about which tools employers can use to support the vitality of their employees. It is up to you to decide which ones you would like to see in your work environment. Your employer will also experience the benefits of this, as vital employees are happier and longer employable. So indicate your wishes and investigate what the possibilities are, suitable for the organization.

Every little bit helps. You do not have to start working with all the tips immediately, every step is one step. At Exactpi, we value the vitality of our employees so much that we have incorporated it into a vitality policy. This includes, for example, yoga and a chair massage on the job, coaching, a workation and plenty of opportunities to work hybrid. Whatever is most important to you in terms of vitality, we wish you well!

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