Payslip explained

If you work with a temporary employment or secondment agreement through Exactpi, Exactpi will email you the payslips for the previous period every week or 4 weeks. There are many different terms on that pay slip to get from your gross salary to your net salary. Some of these are briefly explained here.

Meaning of the terms on your payslip

ZVW wg: employer’s portion that Exactpi pays for the Health Insurance Act.

WW wn: employee portion that you pay for the Unemployment Insurance Act.

Payroll tax: withholding tax for the income tax that Exact withholds for you and pays to the tax authorities.

ZVW wn: income-related employee portion that you pay for the Health Insurance Act.

Net wage: your wage after deduction of taxes and social security contributions. So this is what you have earned net.

Waiting day compensation: a payment to compensate for a waiting day that is not paid in the event of illness.

Paid by bank: amount Exactpi has transferred to you.

Reservations: in this table you can see exactly how much money has been reserved for your holidays and holiday pay. “New balance” shows the most current balance.

Cumulatives: the various balances of the entire year added together, for example how much travel allowances you have received in total in this year.

Want to know more about your payslip?

You can contact us with all your work and career-related questions, including queries about your payslip. Your permanent Recruitment Consultant or our Service Centre employees will be happy to help you. So feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Yasmin Asfarali

Flexworkers Relationship Manager Den Haag