Phase System

If you work on the basis of a temporary employment or secondment contract, this always entails a number of specific elements and agreements. These are largely discussed in the Collective Labour Agreement for flex workers. This CLA has a phase system with 3 phases: A, B and C. Depending on which phase you are in, you will increasingly build up rights and securities.

Phase system for flex workers (from 2022)

Phase A
You usually start work in phase A. This phase lasts 52 weeks of work. All weeks in which you have worked are counted, regardless of how many hours you have worked. In phase A, you can get an unlimited number of temporary employment contracts from different clients and for different periods.

Both you and the client have a lot of flexibility in this phase. This is arranged through the agency clause. You can indicate that you want to stop working at any time and only have to report this one day in advance. The client can also terminate the assignment. Notice periods apply, which increase with your time in employment.

In phase A you can also work under a temporary employment contract without this agency clause. You will agree in advance to work with each other for a certain period.

Phase B
After 52 weeks of work you automatically enter phase B. In this phase, which lasts a maximum of four years, you are entitled to fixed-term contracts, or secondment contracts. The end date of the contracts is therefore fixed. There can be up to 6 different contracts in this phase.

Phase C
When the four years of phase B have expired or a seventh contract has been concluded, you will start phase C. An employment contract for an indefinite period with Exact. In this case, the duration of the assignment or end date are not known. Exactpi must ensure that work is always available for you at its clients.

Would you like to know more about the phase system?

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Yasmin Asfarali

Flexworkers Relationship Manager Den Haag