Terms of employment

When you work through Exactpi with a secondment or temporary employment contract, you can count on excellent employment conditions. Such as unlimited access to online training courses and masterclasses. There is also an overarching Collective Labour Agreement especially for flex workers, in which employment conditions, remuneration and other matters are regulated.

We would like to explain a number of important terms and conditions of employment.

Arbeidsvoorwaarden Exactpi

Training & Development

We welcome employees who want to continue to develop. All our flex workers have access to an online platform where you can follow unlimited training courses and masterclasses.

Exactpi also organises several (online) knowledge sessions per year on various topics in which you can participate free of charge. You will then receive an invitation by email with more information and a registration option.

If you want to continue to develop yourself by taking a professional training course for example, please submit a request to us to receive an allowance for this. You can contact your recruitment consultant for this. We are here to help you find the best solution.

Hirer's remuneration

If you work as a flex worker, you are entitled to the same employment conditions as the permanent employees at the company concerned. This is called hirer’s remuneration and in concrete terms it means that your pay grade is the same as that of permanent employees with the same position, age and level of experience. And also that you are entitled to all reimbursements included in the hirer’s remuneration, insofar as they receive them.

This concerns, for example, irregularity allowances, expense allowance, working from home allowance and one-off payments. The companies we work for are obliged to always provide us with the current regulations so that you can be sure of a fair and equal remuneration.

Holiday & Reservations

As a flex worker you save up for holidays, short-term leave, special leave and holiday allowance. Every hour you work, a certain percentage of the gross hourly wages is saved up. This allows you to build up a credit and you will continue to be paid when you take a holiday or have to visit the doctor during working hours, for example. This is called reservations.

Holiday allowance
Holiday allowance will automatically be paid to you once a year in the month of June.This consists of 8.33% of gross wages plus reservation of holidays. This gross salary includes: the hours worked, paid sick leave, public holidays and bonus hours (so no overtime hours and gross allowances). When your employment ends, all individually saved reservations will be paid out in one go.

Short-term leave and special leave
As a flex worker you save up for short-term leave and special leave. Every hour you work, a certain percentage of the gross hourly wages is saved up. This allows you to build up a credit and you will then continue to be paid when you have to go to the doctor’s or a funeral during working hours, for example.

With full-time employment (40 hours per week) you accrue 25 days of holiday per year. As a flex worker you reserve those days off. Every hour you work, a certain percentage of the gross hourly wages is saved up. This allows you to build up a credit which means you will continue to be paid when you take your holiday.

Public holidays
You will continue to be paid on public holidays if you would normally have worked on this day. In the Collective Labour Agreement you will find which days it concerns.


In accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement, Exact has arranged a pension scheme for its flex workers. You can find more information about this scheme on stippensioen.nl.

Travel Allowance

Whether you will be reimbursed for your travel expenses depends on the regulations at the client where you work. After all, you are rewarded equally to permanent employees. If you are reimbursed for your travel expenses, you can declare these up to a maximum of 3 months after the travel date. So make sure you send your proof of travel (tickets) or your travel card summary to us in time. Find out how to submit travel expenses in MyExact .

Would you like to know more about our terms of employment?

Please contact us with all your work and career-related questions. Your permanent Recruitment Consultant or our Service Centre employees will be happy to help you. So feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Yasmin Asfarali

Flexworkers Relationship Manager Den Haag